– for an off-load, non-dimensional unspecified carrier, the carrier has the right to charge additional costs in the amount of 100% of the aforementioned and agreed price from the contract.
– in the case when the findings differ significantly from the standard contained in the contract, the carrier has the right to refuse transport, impose fines on the customer.
– in the case of a load that exceeds dimensions, weight and type, is inconsistent with the contract and which would expose the carrier to costs related to penalties or inability to collect cargo, the carrier has the right to transfer these penalties to the customer and charge a penalty for any standard deviating from the contract up to 300% of the set price.
– it is forbidden to carry goods that are incompatible with European and Polish law, it is forbidden to transport tobacco products, alcohol, intoxicants, firearms, dangerous goods, medicines forbidden in a given country and other prohibited items. In the case of breaking any of the points in the regulations and exposure of the carrier for the related costs, time and problems, he has the right to charge from 500 PLN depending on the type and amount of items he has been banned. These things are subject to confiscation or transfer to the appropriate authorities.
– in the case of food transported improperly hermetically, the customer does it on his own responsibility.
– the goods can be released only after payment to the account or to the driver’s hand in accordance with the arrangements contained in the contract.
– for the storage of the customer’s goods by the carrier in the absence of payment for transport, storage of goods at the request of the customer is charged a fee of 5 PLN per cubic meter for one day.
– in the case of subsequent commuting to the customer over 10km, a fee of 4 PLN / km + charges is charged, which are related to it, ie fuel, toll roads, ferries in accordance with the applicable price list.
– the customer has the right to file a complaint after writing the protocol and checking the contract. In the case of destruction or loss of goods, the carrier is obliged to repair and compensate for the losses incurred by the customer.
– the carrier has the right to check the consignments, if it considers that they arouse his concern, and the client tries to deceive the carrier as to the legality of their origin.
– the customer is obliged to make a fair list of transported items, describe them in detail, in accordance with the applicable contract and the law.
– the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract after prior arrangement with the carrier, minimum 2 weeks before the date of departure, losing the paid down payment in the amount of 30% of the order value. In the event of a sudden termination of the contract or withdrawal from it, the carrier has the right to charge a cost equal to the order due to the loss of contractors at a given time.
– the carrier has the right to withdraw from the contract two weeks before the date specified in the contract, informing the customer and returning the advance payment.
– all changes concerning contracts or arrangements are accepted only in writing.
– in the case of signing a transport transaction with the carrier, the customer agrees that he has read the above regulations and is aware of its consequences.